I’ve joined The Natural Balance

Thrilled to announce that I have joined the The Natural Balance clinic to support more clients, alongside founder Kelly Mulhall. Find out more.

Before the end of July I joined The Natural Balance clinic, founded by Nutritional Therapist and yoga teacher Kelly Mulhall. It opened a door with the opportunity of helping even more people.

I met Kelly at the beginning of the year and we immediately hit it off. We’ve both come from a corporate background and our own experiences have led us to qualify as Nutritional Therapists.

Kelly and I are equally passionate about bringing health and wellness to more people, educating and supporting as we go. We have plans to create self-serve programmes, provide more insightful content and help clients 1-1 by compiling our knowledge and experience.

Kelly specialises in gut and hormone health. Kelly’s interest in nutrition began when she struggled with her own digestive troubles and hormonal imbalance. She spent 12 years back and forth at the doctors searching for a solution. She became increasingly frustrated and stressed with the lack of support or useful advice from her GP. So Kelly began her own journey and soon discovered complementary medicine and the power of nutrition. 

I specialise in metabolic conditions including diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as gut health and sleep issues. I will be seeing clients in my clinic as well as The Natural Balance.

Both Kelly and I are Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists. We’re trained to uncover the underlying causes of someone’s health issues and to support their body holistically. That means, even though we specialise, we have an understanding of the body as a whole because it’s all interconnected.

If you’re interested to know how Nutritional Therapy can get rid of your nagging symptoms and address health concerns, book a free call with either myself or Kelly to find out how to take the first steps to being in control of your health.

Let’s get you back to feeling your best, naturally, starting with a complimentary call