Natures food.
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Are you struggling with symptoms that you can’t find answers to?
Test results coming back “normal” but you know something isn’t right?
Fed up with not feeling great and want to get to the bottom of it?
Have health conditions you’d like to improve with a natural approach?

Getting you back to feeling your best, naturally

Because you deserve to feel amazing and live a full, healthy life!

Gain control of your blood sugars, ditch the fad diets, and improve your gut health. It’s time to feel confident and comfortable in your body again.
I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Health Coach, specialising in diabetes,  weight loss and gut health.
Feeling bloated and uncomfortable
all the time
about diabetes
with your digestion
Want confidence in your nutrition

Take back control of your health and feel confident again.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I support clients with:

Type 2 Diabetes

The triple threat of high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable and can be put into remission.

Already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Let’s take back control of your blood sugars.

Concerned for future diabetes? Let’s balance your nutrition and reduce your risk factors.

Weight Loss

Weight loss battles can be long-lived, but they shouldn’t be!

Eating for health and making nutritious food choices that fuel your body can result in weight loss without a fad diet or set of scales in sight!

If your weight gain is linked to a deeper health issue, we can work on it together. As a nutritional therapist, I assess your overall health to make sure nothing is standing in your way.

Gut Issues

Gut health is the gateway to wider health. It’s the system that enables us to absorb nutrients from the food we eat – if it’s working as it should!

Poor gut health can also increase inflammation – another factor for weight gain and health concerns!

Nutritional therapy can support optimal digestion, a flourishing microbiome and leave you feeling lighter, brighter and free from symptoms.

Your health doesn’t have to define you.

 Together, we can get you feeling vibrant and back to your best.

Are you ready?

Let’s work together to optimise
your health and help you thrive!

A healthy [person] wants a thousand things, a sick [person] only wants one – Confucius

Ways to work with me:

Personalised 1-1 support to help you get to the root cause of your health concerns and achieve your goals, together.

Appropriate stool, urine, swob and blood tests to identified underlying causes of your symptoms and provide an action plan.

Build a happier, healthier and more productive team with workplace wellness initiatives that resonate with employees.

You can also find me at The Natural Balance clinic.

George – weight loss and health coaching
"I have changed my relationship with food entirely and eliminated snacking. I'm lighter (-5kg), have more energy, and am coping with work stresses better. Natalie brings out the positives and balances my tendency to focus on the negatives. It's been really beneficial to dedicate time to constructively discussing my nutritional challenges.”
Annie – fatigue and reliance on sugar
“ Natalie is an extremely warm and likeable woman - I felt instantly at ease with her. What I like about Natalie is that she was incredibly supportive but realistic. She was nothing but positive when I slipped up or fell back into old habits. She understands life is hard and changing habits is a process. I would thoroughly recommend Natalie to my friends, and I would use her services and expertise again. Also, love her Instagram platform! “
Suz – blood sugar balance and cardiovascular health
"Just wanted to share my personal journey and how far I have come with Natalie’s help, guidance and advice but most importantly she listens! Before I met Natalie, I felt sluggish. Due to my symptoms, she requested blood tests through my GP and they confirmed I had high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. I won't lie, I was worried! But with Natalie's help and encouragement, I've changed how I eat, found a love for walking and even started drinking water. In less than a year, I am no longer pre-diabetic and have lost almost a stone in weight - I feel fantastic!“
Chris – blood sugar balance and weight loss
“I went to see Natalie to understand how I could improve my nutrition in relation to my diabetes and I gained more insight on food and health than I expected. Lockdown has given me time to prepare meals and incorporate the guidance from the nutrition plan. I now feel in control of my diet again and confident I have the chance to put my diabetes into remission.“
Jane – weight loss
”Natalie is a joy to work with. When you are as overweight as me you have preconceptions about a nutritionist but I was able to speak openly and honestly. Natalie never judged me (or told me to only eat kale). She was knowledgeable, helpful and so kind. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Natalie to anyone trying to unravel all their preconceived ideas regarding food and wellness.“
Kelly – general health and immune support
"I cannot thank Natalie enough! She took the time to understand me as an individual. Her questions are thorough to ensure there aren't conditions or medication that could affect her advice. Natalie's guidance has been invaluable. I have complete faith and trust in the nutrition and lifestyle advice I have received from Natalie - and I feel great having followed it!“
Mark – digestion and eczema
“I didn’t know what to expect from seeing a Nutritional Therapist but I’m really pleased I did. Natalie was very professional and supportive. The advice and guidance were really helpful and well explained – it’s made a big difference to my symptoms.“
Andrew – general health and wellbeing
"Natalie is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the consultations and found her help and advice very encouraging. The nutrition and supplements have really made a difference to how I feel.“
Suzette – sleep and energy
”I wanted to see a nutritionist as I was feeling sluggish and tired, and my sleep was poor. Working alongside Natalie I soon started to see improvements – my sleep is so much better; I have more energy during the day, and I saw improvements in other areas too which is an additional bonus. Natalie’s support and understanding of health and nutrition has without doubt improved my wellbeing.“